No. 16     May 2014
Developing Asia
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  • Bride Price
    Girls in Bangladesh are studying harder and marrying later due to a path-breaking cash transfer program
  • Accounting for Nature
    Putting a price on the natural environment is now feasible—perhaps even imperative
  • Missing Links
    Women are vital but neglected components of Asia's production chains

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Race Against Time

Natural disasters are frequent and unwelcome visitors to Asia. Nowhere else does nature's fury strike with such frightening regularity, wiping out families, destroying homes and livelihoods, and leaving broken communities in its wake. Disasters like Typhoon Haiyan, which hit the Philippines last November, radiate lasting hardship. More than 5,000 lives were tragically lost and many more people left homeless. But jobs were also lost; businesses went bankrupt; schooling missed; and vast national economic resources diverted to the recovery effort. It can take years for communities and economies to rebuild. Reducing this toll is one of our region's greatest challenges.

Satinder Bindra
Asian Development Bank

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